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When you need a workers compensation solicitor, choosing the right one to represent your interests and advocate your rights can make all the difference in the world. Our Melbourne workers compensation solicitors specialise in handling No Win No Fee workcover claims. They offer the highest level of professional advice with the utmost integrity and respect.

If you are an injured worker and need legal advice and representation in a Melbourne workers compensation claim, you should speak with a workcover solicitor who is a specialist in this complex legal field.

For free legal advice on Melbourne workers compensation claims, contact our solicitors today by calling our helpline, or by completing the on-line contact form.

We have offices dealing with formal WorkSafe claims and WorkCover claims in in Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Melbourne and Perth.

Making a Claim

If you have been injured through work, you should:

  1. Seek medical treatment. See a doctor, and explain how you were injured.

  2. Report your work-related accident, injury or illness to your employer. The law requires that you notify your employer in writing, within 30 days of you becoming aware of the injury. You can also report your injury by lodging a Worksafe Workers Injury Claim Form with your employer.

  3. If you want to be paid your medical expenses related to the injury, then you should lodge a Worksafe Workers Injury Claim Form and attach documents/invoices relating to your treatment. If you take time off work you will also need to lodge a Worksafe Certificate of Capacity (which is like a medical certificate) with your Claim Form.

  4. Seek legal advice sooner rather than later. If you need help completing your form, or if your claim has been delayed or denied, you should call our helpline or complete the on-line contact form to receive free and confidential legal assistance from our workers compensation team.

Workcover Compensation

The Melbourne workcover scheme pays no-fault compensation. This means that if you are injured at work, you are entitled to be paid workcover compensation regardless of fault.

If your workcover claim is accepted, you could be entitled to a range of benefits including:

  • Weekly payments
  • Income loss payments
  • Permanent impairment lump sum compensation
  • Payment of medical expenses, medications, x-rays, physiotherapists, chiropractors
  • Gym program
  • Home modifications (e.g. handrails)
  • Domestic assistance
  • Travel expenses related to attending medical appointments

Common Law Workers Compensation

If you have suffered a serious injury that is the fault (or partly the fault) of your employer, you may be able to claim common law damages. These claims are separate from workcover claims, and are dealt with through the court system. Strict time limits apply and you should seek legal advice from a workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.

If your employer, supervisor or co-worker was negligent, or if your workplace or equipment was unsafe, your employer may be held responsible under the law of negligence. If you have suffered an injury or illness as a result of negligence, you could be entitled to common law compensation for:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Commercial cost of domestic and gardening assistance
  • Home modifications
  • Equipment aids
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Reduced life expectancy

Work Injuries

Work injury claim types handled by our lawyers include:

  • Neck injury
  • Back injury
  • Knee injury
  • Foot injury
  • Muscle strain
  • Muscle sprain
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendinitis
  • Epicondylitis
  • Rotator cuff syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Tenosynovitis/ de Quervain's
  • Dermatitis
  • Eye Injuries
  • Hearing Loss
  • Amputations
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Head injuries
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Burns
  • Asthma
  • Stress, PTSD, depression and anxiety
  • Fatal injures/Death

Accidents at Work

Work accidents and injuries can be caused by a variety of circumstances such as:

  • Repetitive movements
  • Force, lifting, pulling, pushing, vibration
  • Awkward and static posture
  • Extremes in temperature
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Chemical exposure
  • Noisy environments
  • Faulty equipment
  • Slips, trips and falls at work
  • Car accidents to and from work or work conferences
  • Sporting injuries during work sporting events
  • Injuries at work social events
  • Bullying, harassment, discrimination
  • Witnessing or being exposed to a traumatic event e.g. armed robbery

Melbourne Workers Compensation Solicitor

Our Melbourne workers compensation solicitors operate on a No Win No Fee basis which means that there are no upfront professional costs involved, and our solicitors are paid only if the claim is successful. The No Win No Fee scheme will be fully explained to you before the commencement of any work on your claim. Legal advice is available at no cost by calling our helpline or completing our contact form or emailing our solicitors offices.

Our service operates throughout Melbourne and surrounding regions. So whether you live in Melbourne, Carlton, Docklands, Flemington, Kensington, Southbank, South Yarra, Albert Park, Elwood, St Kilda, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Richmond, Bundoora, Resevoir, Cragieburn, Sunbury, Brunswick, Doncaster, Blackburn, Box Hill, Frankston, Caulfield, Clayton, Coburg, Mornington, Footscray, Burnside, Essendon, Hoopers Crossing or Bulla, our legal team can provide you with legal advice on how to obtain maximum compensation benefits under the law.

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