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Mining Accident Solicitors - Miner Injury Compensation Claim Law

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Mining is one of the world's most dangerous jobs. Each year thousands of Australian miners are injured whilst working. Injuries can result in permanent disability, time off work, loss of earnings, medical expenses, and rehabilitation expenses. Fatal accidents can cause huge emotional and financial strain on family members. A mining accident solicitor will assist you to preserve your legal right to claim compensation for injury.

Workers Compensation

The law recognises that employees who are injured in the course of their employment are entitled to workers compensation for their injuries and loss. Injured miners should seek legal advice from a mining accident solicitor about their rights to damages as soon as possible, as time limits apply to compensation claims.

Mining Accident Solicitors

If you need specialist advice from a workers compensation solicitor with experience in handling mining accident claims, you should contact our legal team today. Our mining accident solicitors are experts in their field, and they will ensure that you will receive accurate and timely legal advice. No Win No Fee representation is also available to miners. To find out more about mining accident workers compensation claims, call our helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices and our legal team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Mining Accidents and Injuries

    Mining Collapse

      Underground mines carry the risk of cave-ins or mine collapses. This can happen when the walls and ceilings of the mineshafts have not been properly secured. Subsidence is another cause. Cracks can occur in the floors and walls of the shaft in a mine that is excavated too deeply, weakening the structure. Cave-ins are responsible for crush injuries from rocks falling onto miners and the trapping of miners underground.

    Machinery Accidents

      A wide range of potential machinery accidents can occur in a mining environment. Extremities can get caught between moving parts of the equipment; heavy machinery can tip over and trap workers underneath; machinery can crash into a building or other obstruction; faulty machinery can cause electric shocks and burns.

    Faulty Equipment

      Power tools, machinery and equipment must be fit for purpose and maintained in a satisfactory condition for use. Equipment failures and faulty equipment or defective tools can result in severe injuries.

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

      Mining involves use of heavy vehicles such as excavators, dump trucks, loaders. motor vehicle accidents usually involve collisions between vehicles; collisions between vehicles and stationary objects; collisions between vehicles and miners; vehicle roll-overs and vehicles tipping to side. Vehicle accidents can be caused by a variety of factors including poor visibility, distraction, wet roads, and vehicle fault.

    Slips, Trips and Falls

      Slips can occur from walking on uneven surfaces or areas where there is mud or water build-up. trip accidents can happen where there is poor visibility, poor lighting, and where there are cables, hoses, ropes and other trip hazards lying across the ground. Falls from heights can occur when working on high walls and slopes.

    Gas Explosions

      Gas explosions often occur in coal mines. The cause is usually the build-up of methane gas in pockets within the mine. Good ventilation of the work area is a must, as is ensuring that electrical equipment is safe, as faulty plugs and connections can cause electrical sparks which can trigger explosions.

    Chemical Accidents

      Miners are often exposed to toxic and dangerous chemicals which are used to transform the ores from their natural state into usable commodities. Miners can be exposed to hazardous liquids through spills or leaks. Some liquids such as acid may cause burns if contact is made with skin. Chemicals need to be safely stored, with adequate ventilation so that miners do not inhale dangerous fumes.


      Electrocution, electric shock and electrical accidents often occur in the mining industry. The use of heavy electrical equipment such as drills and machines combined with exposure to a wet environment places miners at risk of electrocution. Worn cables or plugs and faulty equipment can trigger sparks that cause explosions resulting in burns and other injuries.


      Gas leaks, electrical faults or the spillage of flammable chemicals are common causes of fires in mines.

    Dust Diseases

    Musculoskeletal Disorders

      Musculoskeletal injuries commonly suffered by miners are strains and sprains, shoulder and back injuries, and knee bursitis. musculoskeletal injuries are usually caused by manual lifting, awkward postures (especially when working in confined areas), using hand-held tools overhead and exposure to vibration from equipment.

    Knee Injuries

      Miners are prone to knee injuries, meniscal tears, bursitis and osteoarthritis due to wear and tear from daily work activities such as squatting and kneeling.

    Vibration Syndrome

      Mining equipment drivers are exposed to whole body vibration when sitting in vehicles such as bulldozers, dump or haul trucks, graders, loaders. Whole body vibration (WVS) can cause low back pain, damage to bones, joints, tendons, muscles. hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is the result of excessive exposure to vibrations through the hands when using hand-held power tools. HAVS can cause damage to bones, joints and muscles in the hand, wrist and elbow.

    Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

      Miners are exposed to noise from drills, extractive equipment, diesel powered load handlers and from mine blasting. Exposure to loud sounds or continuous noise can result in damage to the inner structures of the ear and permanent hearing loss.

Solicitors Compensation Claims

For further information on how our mining accident solicitors can help you claim maximum compensation for personal injury under the law, contact our legal team today. Advice is available by calling our helpline or completing the on-line contact form or by emailing our offices which are situated in all of Australias major towns.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 1800 633 090