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Injuries that are caused by performing manual tasks are collectively referred to as 'musculoskeletal disorders'. These injuries are quite common in the mining sector. They may be caused by a single accident, but more often they are the result of 'wear and tear' of the musculoskeletal system from exposure to cumulative physical trauma.

If you have suffered a musculoskeletal injury such as a back injury, muscle strain, sprain, hernia, joint injury, you may be entitled to claim workers compensation.

Call our injury compensation solicitors today for legal advice about your potential claim. Our No Win No Fee workers compensation lawyers are experts in their field. They have dealt with many injury compensation claims arising from the mining sector. They will fully advise you of your rights and ensure that the best possible outcome is obtained.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Examples of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders that may be suffered by miners:

  • Sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Back injuries including injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, bones, joints and nerves.
  • Degeneration and joint injuries to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, feet and hands.
  • Bone injuries.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Vascular and muscular disorders from exposure to vibration.
  • Soft tissue injury and inflammation.
  • Hernia.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Shoulder bursitis.
  • Knee bursitis.
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis.
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis).
  • Trigger finger (tenosynovitis).
  • Wrist/forearm tendinitis.
  • Thumb tendonitis (DeQuervain's tendonitis).

The most common type of musculoskeletal injuries suffered by miners is strains and sprains to the lower back and shoulders. A strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. Common symptoms of a strain include: muscle spasm, pain and weakness. A sprain is a straining of the muscle ligaments around a joint; it occurs when the joint is forced beyond its normal range of movement. Symptoms of a sprain include swelling, bruising, instability of the joint, and pain.

Causes of musculoskeletal Injury

  • Operating a mobile plant for extensive periods of time
  • sitting for long periods of time combined with exposure to whole body vibration.
  • Manual lifting, loading and unloading of vehicles.
  • Awkward postures e.g. when lifting in confined areas; working on valves.
  • Using hand-held equipment for extensive periods, especially when tools are used overhead or in awkward positions.
  • Getting on and off vehicles, plant and machinery.
  • Forceful exertion.
  • Repetitive handling.
  • Exposure to whole body vibration from equipment.
  • Exposure to hand arm vibration from equipment.
  • Slips, trips and falls.

Workers Compensation

Musculoskeletal disorders can have a huge impact on the quality of life of the injured miner. Chronic pain, permanent loss of function and loss of ability to perform tasks can result in time off work, loss of earnings, difficulties in performing household duties, and enjoyment of leisure activities.

If you have suffered a musculoskeletal injury as a result of your employment, you should seek legal advice about making an injury compensation claim for workers compensation which is available to cover loss of earnings, medical and surgical expenses, medication expenses, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. In addition to a workers compensation claim, you may be entitled to make a claim for Total and Permanent Disability.

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