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Our workcover solicitors represent injured workers in Victoria (VIC), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Western Australia (WA). Employers and insurance companies settling claims for injured employees in VIC, ACT and NSW are notoriously unfair in their dealings especially when instructing so called 'independent' doctors to provide medical reports when the truth is that these doctors often derive a large part of their income from acting on behalf of insurers whom they usually favour in the content of their medical reports. Our workcover solicitors are there to level out the playing field – our workcover solicitors absolutely ensure that an injured worker gets a far crack of the whip and isn’t fobbed off with a minimal payment as a result of a biased and unfair medical report. Our workers compensation solicitors zealously guard the rights of employees to ensure fair and reasonable recompense for personal injuries sustained at work.

We have offices in Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Melbourne and Perth.

Fair & Reasonable Compensation

Workcover claims are governed by a complex legal framework and we can ensure that you are given the best chance of a fair settlement. Our workcover solicitors deal exclusively with personal injury compensation claims. You can deal with a workcover compensation claim without legal representation but do you really want to wade through a minefield of legal issues only to be confronted by the sharks and charlatans that often administer these schemes who will rip you off at the first opportunity? Our workcover solicitors will give you ultimate peace of mind and will deal with these matters on your behalf. If you would like to find out about us and what we do just complete the contact form, or email our offices or use the helpline. A very experienced workers compenation solicitor will discuss your compensation claim on the phone and will give you advice there and then. If after talking to us you decide to proceed no further then we have no problem with that and you will definitely not be charged for the legal advice which is given with no charge and with no further obligation.

Medical Evidence

The value of a workcover claim is based upon the medical evidence the major part of which consists of the medical report supplied by an ‘independent’ medical assessor who just happens to have been paid for by the insurers who will be responsible for settling your claim and for paying out any financial compensation. It is worth remembering that an insurance company is a commercial business whose first responsibility is to shareholders, who expect to receive profits shared out by way of dividend every year. The insurers are not doing you any favours and you are not high on their list of priorities when they consider the content of tour claim form. In almost every case we would recommend that you obtain your own medical evidence from an ‘independent’ medical consultant of your choice. A workers compensation solicitor can advise you about who the experts are regarding your particular injury and ensure that you are in a position to refute the insurers medical evidence if in fact you disagree with their assessment of your condition. Our workcover claims solicitors will ensure that at every step along the way your position is protected in order to maximise the potential for any subsequent payout.

WorkCover Solicitor - Workers Compensation Claim

The amount of workcover compensation that is awarded depends on the extent of the injury, the recovery time and any long term disabilities which may impinge on earnings and lifestyle. Accurate calculation of available benefits depends on complex calculations outlined in the legislation. If you decide to proceed with a claim without legal representation from a workcover solicitor you will have to accept the calculations put forward by the insurers which is really not a very good idea at all. If you want to ensure that the medical evidence is right and the calculation is accurate you need the independent advice that a specialist workcover solicitor can provide. Our Australian workers compensation claim solicitors are personal injury experts and deal with cases on a no win no fee basis. If you would like free legal advice on personal injury compensation claims without any further obligation just complete the contact form, or email our offices or use the helpline.

LAWYER HELPLINE: ☎ 1800 633 090