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Mining equipment drivers, operators, and passengers are exposed to whole body vibration when sitting or standing in vehicles such as bulldozers, dump or haul trucks, graders, loaders, personnel and equipment transport, and load-haul dump machines. Whole body vibration also includes exposure to high amplitude and infrequent mechanical shocks such as jolting and jarring.

NSW WorkCover statistics for the period 2002-2006 show that exposure to mechanical vibration and vehicle jarring are responsible for over 34% of compensable injuries in coal miners and over 4% for non-coal miners. The worker will often report rough rides, resulting in pain and discomfort.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of exposure to vibration, jolting and jarring, you should seek legal advice from a specialist workers compensation solicitor. Our WBVS solicitors are experts at handling Whole Body Vibration compensation claims. Call our helpline or complete the Contact Form to receive obligation- legal advice.

Causes of WBVS

The cause of the vibration is usually the result of:

  • Vehicle activity
  • Engine vibration
  • Rough road or poor surface conditions

Factors which increase or decrease exposure to vibration include:

  • The type of vehicle and its design
  • The condition and age of the vehicle
  • Maintenance of vehicle suspension systems
  • Cab layout and design
  • Speed of vehicle or machine
  • Road conditions and maintenance
  • Lighting and visibility

Up and down vibration commonly occurs when driving over potholes or uneven surfaces. Sideways vibration is typically experienced on rail vehicles. Forward vibration is usually experienced with front end loaders and bulldozers.

Vibration Injuries

Vibration, shocks, jolting and jarring can cause the following health problems:

  • Neck pain.
  • Muscle fatigue and joint stiffness.
  • Damage to bones, joints, tendons, muscles.
  • Cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic changes.
  • Digestive system problems.
  • Damage to reproductive organs.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Vision impairment.
  • Balance impairment.
  • Low back pain from early degeneration of the lumbar spine and herniated lumbar disc.

Some back injuries are the result of long-term exposure to vibration causing degenerative changes in the spine; however serious permanent spinal injuries can also occur as the result of a one-off severe jolt in a vehicle. The risk of back pain increases if in addition to exposure to whole body vibration, you are exposed to poor working postures and manual handling.

To reduce risk of injury, employers should introduce working methods which eliminate or reduce exposure, choose work equipment of appropriate ergonomic design, ensure regular maintenance of vehicles, and ensure that work schedules have adequate rest periods.

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